FEATURES explained

Examine all of the features that come with your subscription. We also provide a detailed breakdown at the bottom, along with our recommendations and best practises.

  • MINI
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SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD12 Month's12 Month's12 Month's
DOMAINNot IncludedNot IncludedNot Included
EMAIL ACCOUNTS*Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited
Desktops Only
On Request
Desktops Only
On Request
Desktops Only
PAGES5 pager10 pager15 Pager
Then Unlimted as you will have to build it yourself
5 Products
Then Unlimted as you will have to build it yourself
5 Products
Then Unlimted as you will have to build it yourself
PAYMENT GATEWAY1x Included1x Included1x Included
Assistance via
our WhatsApp support desk only
Assistance via
our WhatsApp support desk only
Assistance via
our WhatsApp support desk only
SUPPORTStandard Ticket support and Whatsapp supportStandard Ticket support and Whatsapp supportStandard Ticket support and Whatsapp support


Subscription are defined as a commitment made by the end user to a product or service over a period of time. These services are billed on a monthly basis, by our payment gate way.


These subscriptions are discounted and billed upfront. Please note that the set-up and yearly renewal fee is still billed on all monthly and yearly  subscriptions

The set-up and yearly renewal fee is billed once a year and upon sign-up. This fee is constructed to include your domain renewal, annual debit order and admin fees not included in the subscriptions.

Metric billing has been applied to ensure uninterrupted service delivery and convenience. Metric billing allows you to consume more resources than your subscription allows for at a additional cost. Please keep in mind that you can always check your available space in your client area under services.


We have two management modules available. Self-managed as well as managed. Self-managed platforms have fewer support options, however they do include services such as our live WhatsApp support desk and basic ticket assistance.It excludes maintenance options such as image uploading and website modifications. Managed accounts have a more premium support platform that provides personalised assistance with website maintenance, updates, and upkeep. Self-managed platforms are intended for people who have the time and are willing to construct and operate their own shops while keeping costs low. The managed platforms are designed for clients who wish to have a staff complete and maintain their website and who prefer a more personalised service environment.

Spitfire offers 

  • Email hosting
  • Website hosting
  • Domain hosting

Hosting means that the data from those platforms are hosted on our servers, and our accountability for that data ends on the server. For example, If you’re experiencing email problems or sending errors, one of our team members will test your mails on the server to see if it is sending and receiveing. If this test is successfull the error is local on the machine and I.T support must be purchased in order for one of our team members to assist. You can always contact your local I.T support technician and one of our team members will gladly assist where possible.

Some of our subscriptions include domain hosting, however this one does not.

Domain hosting is exclusively included in our Main Website Deals, Domain renewal is the responsibility of the client. Renewals can be completed through your client area. Please visit our knowledgebase section on the website to view how this can be done.

This plan includes email hosting. Email hosting refers to the hosting and storage of your email data on our server. We will provide you with your information, but our obligation ends on the server. If your emails are being sent and received on the server, this indicates that the problem is local, and i.T assistance is not covered in this subscription. On our website, you may purchase IT support. We do, however, encourage acquiring i.T support because it is a risk-free platform that provides support when needed.

The number of email accounts is unlimited and can be controlled by the end user. The only limitation is the amount of hosting space available with your subscription. Extra space can be purchased in your client area as needed.

This subscription includes an online store. Our staff will create a specific amount of goods to get you started, and then you can create as many as you like. Please keep in mind that once we sign off on a website, our obligation stops. If the website breaks after the fact, our team is happy to repair it for a fee. This shop also contains a payment gateway (Payfast), which we will set up, but the client must sign up with Payfast and submit us the necessary information.

This subscription contains unlimited pages. Our staff will only develop the required amount of pages to go live with the websites, after that the pages becomes unlimited that you can build.  You are free to create as many pages as you want as long as your hosting space allows. Please keep in mind that once a website is given over, if anything goes wrong, our team will gladly assist with the repairs, but the time spent will be billed. We strongly advise you to get additional help so that you always have access to an expert.


Most of these subscriptions do not include maintenance, however maintenance may be acquired as needed, making this a cheap choice. If you want to keep your costs down while growing, this is the subscription for you. Maintenance is described as any reasonable website adjustments or new information added to the website, including keeping the website structure in the back end up to date.

This subscription includes both conventional support tickets and access to our Whatsapp Support Desk. Both of these methods can be used to find the answers you want.

These subscriptions do not include IT support. You can, however, sign up for any of our IT subscriptions. This option is strongly recommended to ensure that all of your emails and infrastructure are properly configured. Alternatively, you can order IT help as needed. Any assistance on your local machine is referred to as I.T support. This covers virus detection and eradication, email configuration, password resets, windows error and failure detection, optimisation, and possibly installation.

In short, our support team will gladly assist you in setting up your emails, but this is done only upon request. Please keep in mind that this is a one-time service. If your computer develops a virus or needs to be reset, you will be charged. On our website, we provide training videos that show you how to set up your emails. Mobile devices are supported, but technical help and setup are not provided because mobile devices use different operating systems and people use different mobile mail apps. As we operate with Microsoft Office, it is much more stable on a laptop or desktop PC.

Positive benifits:
These subscriptions provide an all-inclusive experience. It covers email hosting as well as an unlimited number of email accounts. This package also includes a complete website setup, hosting, and design. It also provides a comprehensive set of assistance alternatives, such as access to our WhatsApp help desk and ticket support service.


This option does not include a domain or maintenance. When you require website development assistance, you must acquire it. This occurred only after the website was constructed and launched. It’s a terrific way to keep costs low while getting building support just when you actually need it. says:

These options are ideal for getting the best of both worlds; email hosting and website hosting are both included, as is a full website build. It also provides excellent chat assistance to assist you in resolving issues, as well as access to upgrade options such as limitless email addresses and our YouTube support platform. If you don’t mind a little upkeep, this is a terrific alternative. If you want a more all-inclusive experience, consider our R399 deal; it’s popular for a reason.