Spitfirewebsites.com is a hybrid company providing a variety of subscription-based services through multiple departments. Our offerings include general IT support, email and domain hosting, website building, and content creation for social media marketing. Each service is linked but billed separately and has its own subscription terms. As a hybrid company, most of our services require a minimum subscription period to which the end user commits. The duration of each subscription is specified in your client area and above each product listing. Before enrolling, customers must confirm they have read and fully understood this agreement. Spitfirewebsites.com will not be liable for any losses arising from a failure to read or understand these terms prior to subscribing.

All services are available online and operate on our web-based platform. Due to the nature of our services and subscriptions, the terms of this agreement, like those of our global partners, may change without notice. While we strive to present our subscriptions and pricing as accurately as possible, they are subject to change without prior notice due to operational platform changes, global market and currency fluctuations, improvements, or other circumstances beyond our control. Spitfirewebsites.com is not responsible for any downtime resulting from these enhancements or operational requirements.

Pricing is reviewed annually and may be adjusted due to global market conditions and exchange rates. Despite our efforts to maintain competitive pricing, all subscriptions and rates are subject to increase, potentially only once per year, due to unforeseen currency or operational changes. Please note that when you sign up, you will incur a one-time, annual administrative and registration fee. This fee covers domain renewals, potential price hikes, and subscription banking fees not included in the hosting contract. Spitfirewebsites.com offers a diverse range of subscriptions, each with unique featured products. To avoid confusion, please contact our support staff if you require assistance.  This agreement becomes active and binding upon your subscription. The agreement is always accessible via our website.

Clickwrap Agreement

Spitfirewebsites.com operates under a clickwrap agreement model. By subscribing to our services, clients acknowledge and agree that this digital contract is legally binding and equivalent to a traditional, signed document. Upon subscribing, clients are required to click the “I accept all terms and conditions” button, thereby providing explicit consent to the terms outlined in the agreement. This action constitutes a legally binding contract between the client and Spitfirewebsites.com, just as if the agreement were signed in wet ink. By proceeding with the subscription, clients confirm their understanding and acceptance of these terms, ensuring full legal enforceability of the agreement

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2.1__general Spitifrewebsites.com is an online Hybrid company offering a variety of services. Our subscriptions offer great value for money, especially to start-up companies and aid businesses to keep costs low whilst having the benefit of covering most departments a business needs to operate at optimal levels. We offer I.T. subscriptions, website subscriptions, Graphic design subscriptions, and email and domain hosting subscriptions. The definition of a subscription service is to commit to a product or service over some time for a moderate monthly instalment. Spitfirewebsites.com utilizes a 3rd party payment gateway to collect these subscriptions monthly. This payment gateway also collects most of our once-off services as well as services invoiced by Spitfirewesbites.com. Please note that all subscriptions and outstanding invoices will be displayed in the client area. Furthermore, spitfirewebsites.com will in no way be held liable for any losses in any form or shape from this payment gateway. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that they keep themselves up to date with their service and invoices by visiting the client area. Subscriptions can also be paid for upfront by adding funds to your account. This can be done via the client area. Please note that adding funds in bulk is done at your own risk and Spitfirewebsites.com will in no way be held liable for any loss of any kind during any system failure, operational changes, or any unforeseen circumstance. In the event of a worldwide economic meltdown subscriptions will continue as normal and a modest discount will be applied should all services go down. If services are active during a disaster or worldwide meltdown of any kind the subscription will stay active until cancellation has been received.

2.2__ Subscription Transfer Policy.  

Transfer of Subscription: If a client wishes to transfer a subscription due to new ownership of the business or website, the following steps must be followed 1) An email must be sent to info@spitfiremultimedia.co.za requesting the transfer. 2.) The request must include the approval of the new owner, clearly stating their awareness of the subscription and their intention to continue the service. Reset of subscription cycle: Upon transfer, the 12-month subscription cycle will be reset from the date of the transfer. Business Closure and Failure to Communicate: If a business closes and the owner fails to communicate the closure, penalties, including monthly charges and settlement fees, will continue to accrue until the settlement is complete. Non-Payment and Parking Process: All subscriptions utilise hosting space. If payment is not received for a subscription within three (3) months, Spitfire Websites (spitfirewebsites.com) will automatically proceed with the parking process. Parking is defined as downloading and backing up the website and all its content, securing it on an offsite, non-hosting server. Reinstallation of Website: Once all arrear payments have been made, the website will be reinstalled. A reinstallation fee will be charged to set up the website and reinstall all content. This fee will be added to the client’s account. Please Note: Strict adherence to the cancellation and transfer protocols is mandatory to avoid unnecessary charges and penalties. 

2.3 – Renewal of Subscriptions: All subscriptions shall renew automatically on an annual basis. An annual administrative and registration fee shall be charged upon initial sign-up and will recur annually. This fee encompasses the yearly subscription, payment gateway charges, and banking administrative fees. Upon automatic renewal, the end user shall have a period of seven (7) working days to declare a cancellation without incurring any cancellation penalties. Should the end user fail to declare a cancellation within this seven-day period, it shall be deemed that the subscription is agreed to continue for a further twelve (12) months. Any subsequent cancellation of the subscription shall be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the cancellation policy. 

2.4__self-managed website subscriptions. Spitfirewebsites offers two fundamental self-managed subscription options. The first option entails complete self-management, wherein the end user is granted access to the website’s backend and assumes full responsibility for its construction and maintenance. The second option involves Spitfirewebsites initially building and designing the website, following which ownership responsibility for maintenance and updates transfers to the client. Consequences of Non-Maintenance: Selection of either subscription option necessitates diligent maintenance to avoid administrative penalties. Failure to maintain the website may expose it to compromise by hackers or malware. The client shall bear full responsibility for any damages incurred due to server compromise resulting from negligence in maintenance.

2.5__Downgrading and upgrading. Upgrade or Downgrade Fee: Electing to upgrade or downgrade a subscription will incur a fee. Downgrade Eligibility: For existing website subscriptions, downgrading is permissible only if minimum requirements are met. Pre-built, All-Inclusive Hosting: Website subscriptions encompass pre-built, comprehensive hosting packages Downgrade Restrictions: Downgrading from a 5 GB Lite subscription, where emails utilize 3.5 GB and the website occupies 1.5 GB, necessitates a total hosting capacity of 5 GB. Therefore, downgrading to the free version is not feasible. Fee Structure for Downgrades: Downgrading within the same platform incurs a nominal fee. However, switching from managed to self-managed subscriptions will result in a significantly higher downgrade fee. The fee differential between the two subscription types will be calculated and invoiced prior to processing the downgrade request. Downtime Notification: Downgrading may lead to temporary downtime due to platform transitions. Upgrade Option: Upgrading to a higher subscription tier is possible and will attract a minor upgrade fee. This fee covers all basic subscriptions, direct debit orders, and associated banking administrative charges. Terms and Conditions: Note that upgrading or downgrading to a different subscription plan entails acceptance of both current and revised terms and conditions. Subscription Cycle Reset: Upon upgrading to a new subscription tier, the contract will reset to a 12-month subscription cycle.

 2.6__Older subscription & versions. Spitfirewebsites.com reserves the right to modify its policies and subscriptions without prior notice. Given the dynamic nature of our business and our global partnerships, operational platforms may change without prior notification. Older subscriptions may also become obsolete at any time to facilitate upgrades. Upgrades to older subscriptions may occur without advance notice, driven by platform requirements and integration considerations. In cases where a client remains on a manual system, Spitfirewebsites.com reserves the right to transition them to a policy closely aligned with their original subscription to ensure ongoing support. While efforts will be made to notify clients of such upgrades, they may proceed without prior notification.

Once updated, policies will be posted on our website. It is the responsibility of customers to review these updated policies and to contact our team if clarification is needed. During business hours (Central African Time), inquiries can be directed to our office via email. All holders of older subscriptions agree that updated policies or subscriptions will be followed and understand they should contact our team with any questions. Upgrading or subscribing to new subscriptions by holders of older subscriptions automatically implies acceptance of all new terms and conditions. Customers are responsible for thoroughly reading and understanding all terms of service.

Older subscribers seeking to switch to the self-managed Lite subscription must meet qualification criteria or sign up for the subscription as an additional service. For qualification inquiries, please email info@spitfiremultimedia.co.za. Please note that all associated upgrade fees will be billed accordingly. Existing terms for older subscriptions will remain in effect until clients elect to upgrade to newer platforms. Due to the evolving nature of our business, terms in older contracts have been updated, and clients waive the right to cancel should Spitfirewebsites.com automatically update them. Clients who opt to maintain older subscriptions may do so under the new terms and conditions.

2.7__Website subscriptions & content creation policy. By virtue of our subscription models and operational framework, Spitfirewebsites.com retains ownership rights to all website content produced on a managed platform for a period of 36 months, and to all websites developed utilizing our premium content and tools under a Lite subscription. As a provider of subscription-based services without charging a construction fee, all website content generated by our team remains the exclusive property of Spitfirewebsites.com. Free and Lite Subscription users are encompassed within this ownership framework, benefiting from premium templates, tools, and add-ons typically associated with paid versions.

Should an end user elect to terminate their subscription prior to the completion of the 36-month period, they may do so; however, only the domain will be transferrable to a new service provider.

2.8__Tranfers. Upon cancellation of their subscription, the client shall have a period of 7 working days to transfer their data to a new service provider. Failure to complete this transfer within the specified timeframe will result in data parking, and associated terms and conditions regarding data parking will be enforced. Due to the inherent complexities involved in transferring data, particularly emails, to a new service provider, Spitfirewebsites.com shall not be liable for any data loss incurred during this process. Spitfirewebsites.com will facilitate the transfer by approving the transaction, but the execution and management of the transfer shall remain the responsibility of the new service provider.

For clients subscribed for less than 36 months, it shall be the responsibility of the new service provider to reconstruct the website, as no data will be transferred in such instances. In cases where the website’s subscription period exceeds 36 months, Spitfirewebsites.com will release all data, disclaiming any responsibility for data corruption or damage that may occur during the transfer process, or for any resulting inability to use the data. The new service provider assumes full responsibility for transferring, retrieving, and constructing a new website for the client under these circumstances. 

2.9__Seo & website security & performance. Spitfirewebsites.com provides website creation and development services, excluding specialized marketing services such as SEO, Google Ads, or any other marketing-related offerings. However, Spitfirewebsites.com offers content creation packages designed for business owners who have limited time to regularly design or develop artwork for their company. SEO services are considered highly specialized and costly. Our subscriptions include a comprehensive website build and indexing on Google and Bing search engines. While we can install a basic SEO plugin, please note that the associated services are not covered under our subscriptions. It is recommended that all customers ensure their systems meet minimum requirements. All websites come equipped with a standard security plugin, which remains active for a period of 3 months. For continued security, we recommend the installation of a virus protection security plugin available for a nominal monthly fee through our customer area shop. Please be aware that websites lacking security plugins may be susceptible to damage from persistent hacker attacks, and therefore, we advise all clients to subscribe to Imunify 360 as per our recommendations. Spitfirewebsites.com does not bear responsibility for ensuring the security of client websites as this service is not included in the subscription. In the event of website downtime caused by continuous attacks or hacking attempts without Imunify 360, Spitfirewebsites.com cannot be held liable for any resulting damages. Any required website rebuilding due to virus damage will be performed and billed on an hourly basis.

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3.1__ Cancellation general terms: Spitfirewebsites.com operates as a subscription-based service provider. Subscriptions are defined as commitments to products or services over specified periods in exchange for moderate monthly installments. To effectuate a cancellation, adherence to prescribed rules is mandatory. Given the nature of our operations, safeguarding account integrity is paramount; thus, adherence to the cancellation procedure is essential to ensure a seamless process.

It is imperative to understand the following before initiating cancellation: In consideration of our operational requirements and to protect against fraudulent activities such as unauthorized account usage, hacking, and similar threats, cancellation requests must be accompanied by written instructions from the contract owner. Cancellations conveyed through platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, phone calls, or any other means are not accepted. All cancellation requests must be directed to info@spitfiremultimedia.co.za. Please be advised that a notice period of 30 days is required for processing cancellations

3.2__Cancelation procedures: Should you wish to terminate your subscription before its scheduled expiration, please be advised that Spitfirewebsites.com requires a minimum of 30 days’ advance written notice from the contract owner.

Kindly initiate the cancellation process by sending an email to info@spitfiremultimedia.co.za, providing a reason for cancellation or, in case of ownership transfer, notifying us accordingly. For ownership transfers, a written confirmation from the new owner accepting responsibility for the subscription and its associated payments is essential. Upon receipt of this confirmation, no penalties will be levied, and the transfer will proceed without charge. Cancelation will not be accepted, if an owner fails to communicate his departure, sends someone else other than himself to cancel via the cancelation procedure, failed to supply website information so the website can be completed, or failing in his or her monthly payments.  Please note that all data, including emails, will be transferred to the new owner upon completion of the transfer process. By completing the transfer, the new owner automatically agrees to abide by all terms and conditions governing the subscription, which will reset on a 12-month basis upon transfer completion. The 30-day notice period will be invoiced to the previous owner, and transfer initiation is contingent upon settlement of this invoice. The subscription will remain active until full settlement of the notice period. Moreover, no transfers will be effected until all outstanding balances are settled in full. Any penalties or late fees incurred will be billed to the previous owner’s account. Spitfirewebsites.com retains rights to all data, content added or created by us, and domain rights until all outstanding balances are resolved. Subscription terms and conditions continue to apply. In cases of outright cancellation, written notice detailing the reason for cancellation must be submitted to Info@spitfiremultimedia.co.za. Upon acceptance of the reason, the cancellation process will commence. The subscription balance, including the 30-day notice period, will be invoiced for payment. The subscription remains active until full payment is received, and any penalties incurred will be the responsibility of the customer. Upon full payment of cancellations, clients have 7 working days to transfer domain ownership and all associated emails to a new provider. Spitfirewebsites.com will facilitate the transfer request but does not accept liability for any data loss or errors during this process. Failure to transfer data within the stipulated timeframe may result in hosting fees for that period being charged. Clients are responsible for ensuring prompt transfer of domain ownership to their new provider. 

3.3 Agreement Regarding Cancellation Obligations_and Outstanding Debt

This agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by [Client’s Name], hereinafter referred to as “Client,” and Spitfirewebsites.com, hereinafter referred to as “Spitfirewebsites. Cancellation Obligations: The Client hereby agrees to fulfill their cancellation obligations to Spitfirewebsites.com before seeking services from a new hosting provider. Legal Consequences of Outstanding Debt: The Client understands that registering a new business with a different service provider while having outstanding debt on their contract with Spitfirewebsites is considered a criminal offense under applicable law. Client’s Responsibility: It is the Client’s responsibility under this contract to disclose this information to any new hosting provider engaged for services. Failure to do so will result in legal action and may lead to criminal charges, as this shows intended to defraud. 

Notification and Legal Action: In the event that the client initiates a new business relationship with another service provider while still indebted to Spitfirewebsites, Spitfirewebsites reserves the right to notify and serve the new provider with a legal notice. The new provider must immediately suspend services to the Client’s new company until the outstanding debt with Spitfirewebsites is settled. Failure to comply with this notice may result in criminal charges against the new provider. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South-African company law, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Jurisdiction: Any legal action arising out of or related to this Agreement shall be brought exclusively in the courts of South African.


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4.1__Billing date: All subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis. Payments for subscriptions will be automatically deducted via our designated payment gateway. In the event automatic deduction is not processed, clients have the option to settle invoices manually. This can be accomplished by accessing the client area and navigating to the invoices tab. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all subscription payments are settled by the end of each month. For clarification, “end of the month” refers to the last day of the calendar month, specifically recognized as the 30th. Please be advised that we do not generate manual invoices nor accept manual payments. All payments must be processed exclusively through the client area 4.2__late payments: A late penalty fee in the amount of R250 shall be levied on the 1st day of each month in the event that a subscription remains unsettled or unpaid. It is incumbent upon the client to regularly access their designated client area to verify the settlement status of their subscription. Additionally, late penalty fees shall be applied if a client has initiated a cancellation request but has not fulfilled the outstanding balance as stipulated by the cancellation policy. It is emphasized that Spitfirewebsites.com assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred during the cancellation process. Clients proceed with cancellation at their own risk. 4.3__metric billing: Spitfirewebsites.com has adopted metric billing as a standard practice. Metric billing, defined as the utilization of data exceeding the allocated limit included in a subscription, ensures continuous service availability based on end-user data consumption. Charges for metric billing are invoiced at a rate of R20 per gigabyte used beyond the subscribed data limit. For instance, if a subscription provides 5 gigabytes of data but the email usage exceeds 5 gigabytes and the website usage is 1 gigabyte, an additional charge of R20 (excluding VAT) per gigabyte will be billed monthly.Metric billing applies to all subscriptions offered by Spitfirewebsites.com. It is expressly stated that Spitfirewebsites.com assumes no liability for any damages or losses incurred if a client fails to read or inquire about the terms of metric billing. Information regarding metric billing is prominently featured on the product comparison page for client reference.

4.3__Settlement Billing:  If a client wishes to cancel their contract prior to its expiration date, they may do so. Upon processing the cancellation, the outstanding balance on the contract will be billed for payment. Please note that all contracts require a 30-day notice, and this 30-day period will also be billed prior to the cancellation of the subscription becoming final.

If the settlement amount is not received, the contract stipulates that the subscription will continue. The client has 24 to 48 hours to make payment on the settlement amount, unless otherwise agreed upon via email to info@spitfiremultimedia.co.za. Failure to pay the settlement amount will result in a failed settlement, rendering the full and final settlement void, and the service will continue as normal. Upon continuation, the contract will resume, and all penalties, including late payment fees, will be due and payable.

If the client wishes to cancel their contract prior to the expiration date, they may do so by following the cancellation guidelines and paying the settlement amount. This will ensure a smooth transfer to a new provider.

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5.1__general: Most subscriptions come standard with support. This support is given to them via our Ticket System or WhatsApp support desk. We do not offer any other support unless you are on a managed subscription or priority support type subscription. Support is defined as our team guiding the end user to solve a problem via our technical team and the ticket system. Support is included in most subscriptions except the Free version. The Free version is a self-managed platform. Spitfirewebsites.com inclusive support & maintenance has a limit of 1 hour per month per month. All support queries must be done via the ticket system. Fair usage of all subscriptions is also implemented to ensure that all clients can be assisted. Fair usage is defined as support being delivered, but not limited to, helping others or multiple other clients. 5.2__support limitations Support is limited to solving website or email queries server side. Definition: Solving a problem server-side means investigating the root of the problem on the server where it is hosted and fixing it. If the root of the problem is based on a machine or device, then that becomes an IT problem. If you own an I.T. subscription, our team can rectify the problem immediately or if you don’t own a subscription the problem will be solved but billed at R350 per hour. Please note that an Invoice will be made out as soon as the work has been done and a notification will be sent out via WhatsApp and or email to notify you of this invoice. It will be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he or she visits their customer area or replies to the email should there be any objections. As a hybrid company we have experts in all our departments, and so solving problems is simple but gets billed. Please note we do not need permission to bill for solving front-end IT problems it’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure they know what is included in their subscription and what is not. Please note, that Spitfirewebsites.com’s 1st priority is to assist with the problem and if in any event a bill is made out because of that service, and you are not happy you have up to 7 days to reply our team will gladly assist. If no reply has been received the bill will be deducted automatically via the payment gateway service. 5.3__virus protection Spitfirewesbites.com include a standard version that is active for 6 months and free of charge. We highly recommend Iminify for a small instalment every month. This protection is state of the art and offers comprehensive anti-hacking and malware security just to name a few. Please note, that if a virus has come from a machine onto our systems, the virus will be contained and dealt with, but all restoration work will be billed to the customer. We highly recommend that you follow our system recommendations and make sure that your machines meet the minimum required standards. 5.4__system requirements Spitfirewebsites.com will assist any customer regardless of the machine or specifications, but we will always recommend trying to meet the minimum system requirements. If your system does not meet the minimum requirements updates, and other technical issues may arise lead to or cause frustrations. These can all be fixed and updated but will be done at the customer’s expense. Any cancellations that arise from machines or devices that do not meet the minimum requirements will not be accepted as the frustration comes from not meeting the minimum requirement. Minimum requirements: i3 processor, 4-8Gb of RAM Windows 10 home or pro, MS Office 2021 or higher, 128Gb SSD or 256Gb SSD hard drive. Normal hard drives are also acceptable, but it slows down your machine’s performance which may lead to slower website loading times. Slower loading times might lead to the website loading slowly and making it seem that the speed of the website is not sufficient. Hence, we recommend getting an SSD hard drive especially if you only possess 4Gb of RAM. We also recommend that all clients have Bitdefender installed on their machines or devices as well as Anydesk for remote assistance. We also highly recommend subscribing to our Imunify 360 for your emails and website protection and Anti-hacking tools. Machines without Virus protection are fine but any errors or faults coming from those machines will be billed at R350 per hour to fix or restore. 5.5 Mobile phones Please note that most of our website subscriptions come with email accounts. Spitfirewesbite.com will provide the end user with all the details required to set it up. If you are not able to set it up our technical team will assist with setting up on 1 machine either a laptop or a desktop PC. We do not do any set-ups on mobile phones as mobile phones and their operating system vary and are unstable. The end user can do the setup on the software of his or her choice. Please take note that Spitfirewesbites.com does not include Mobile set-up or support on any mobile phone. 5.6__email support Spitfirewebsite.com offer Free email server-side support. What this means is our duty to an email subscription is to provide the hosting of this email and ensure that it is active and operational. Unfortunately, our duties do not include front-end IT or software assistance. If an end-user has an I.T. subscription with us then we are more than welcome to assist within the parameters of that subscription to try and resolve the email issue. 5.7__password resets Password resets on email accounts can be done via our team but are limited to 1 change. Please note that once the password has been changed the reinstallation of your emails or the updating of your accounts is not included. Please ensure that you purchase an IT support subscription if you need assistance. Passwords can be changed in your client area, but should you require any assistance as explained in the above line the terms of that service will activate.

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6.1__general It should be clearly stated and understood that Spitfirewebsites.com and all of its partners cannot be held liable if a web server goes offline, crashes, or ceases functioning due to circumstances beyond their control. Spitfirewebsites.com and its partners rent servers from a third-party provider, have no physical access to the servers, and therefore assume no responsibility for any server downtime. If a server crashes irreparably, the server hosting providers will be responsible for the recovery and installation of the websites on a new server. Although Spitfirewebsites.com backs up all completed websites once they are done, you have the option to have daily backups of your website for an additional fee. Due to the complexity of uploading backups, there is always a chance that the backup will not function, and in some cases, we must hire a developer at the expense of the client to resolve the issue. Please note in these cases Spitfirewesbites.com will in no way shape or form be held liable for any damages or losses. 6.2__maintenance and downtime from time to time server maintenance must be done so downtime can be experienced. If server maintenance needs to be done Spitifrewebsites.com will notify the clients but does not take responsibility for any downtime caused by uncommunicated downtime or server maintenance as human error plays a huge role. Maintenance or instruction upgrades will be communicated to all our clients, and we always strive to keep any downtime to a minimum. In case of a natural disaster as per our policy, all services will remain intact unless we are unable to provide the service in which case, we will consider the downtime and credit that amount accordingly. Please note that our servers are rented by a 3rd party so some downtime can be caused by reasons outside of our control. Although we always strive to deliver amazing service things do happen. Spitfirewebsites.com take no responsibility for any losses in any shape or form and will also free itself from any refunds due to unforeseen events. In the event of data leakage or a virus attack, Spitfirewebsites.com will do everything in its power to contain the scenario as fast as possible but due to the service being outside of our control spitfirewesbites.com takes no responsibility or will not be held liable for any loss or damages in any form or shape. 6.3__ 3rd party access & developer access It should be noted that we only permit backend access to wp on the free and lite subscriptions which are all self-managed website subscriptions. Access to cpanel is allowed and can be found in your client area under the Services Tab. Please note that Spitfirewebsites.com will in no way shape or form allow 3rd party access or root access to our main servers. Access to panels and other data can be arranged through our ticker support system.

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7.1__general: Spitfirewebsites.com is a subscription-based hosting company. We offer various subscriptions some managed and others self-managed. The self-managed Website hosting subscriptions are made so clients can use their creativity and design and manage their websites. Spitfirewebsites.com offers a very limited support base to the self-managed websites and does not get involved with any of the builds. The managed platform is a premium platform where our team is on standby and helps with the build and it also offers quite a few premium options including Facebook ads, email hosting and online shop functions. The nice thing about these managed platforms is you don’t have much to worry about as the whole website is taken care of and products are added for you. Spitfirewebsites.com will in no way be held liable for any broken websites or assistance when a website is not working properly, it will be the owners of the self-managed responsibility to understand the WP back end. Alternatively, they can enrol in a website assistance subscription that offers building support.

7.2__ Website changes policy All website changes must be requested through the client area’s ticket support system. Please note that the normal turnaround for support tickets on standard service is 24-48 hours. As per the subscription terms and conditions, we do have a fair usage policy in terms of website changes. If you have an online shop, please note that picture changes, logo colour changes or any form of graphic designs are not included. All pictures must be sent to us via the support ticket system so we can add them for you. Please note that this support is not included in the free and lite subscription. Furthermore, all pictures sent to us will be installed on the website as per the instructions but please take note that the picture quality will be up to the owner. If you wish to get your product pictures taken you are more than welcome to contact us so we can assist with a photographer. Pictures are taken professionally and billed for the client account.

7.3__website Development Policy: Websites are built from the information that we receive upon signing up. Once you are signed up you will receive an information link. This link lets you fill in all your information and lets you add pictures and logos to ensure we have all the information we need to build your website. Please note after this has been filled in and submitted our team will review the information and start with the build the build process can take up to 48-72 hours after the information has been received. Once the build is completed, you’ll receive a notification with a link that makes the website ready to view. Please take note that this is just the viewing stage and not the final product. You will then be given 2 rounds to make Additional changes. Once those changes have been made the website will go live. Any additional changes will be billed or subtracted from your inclusive 1 hour per month maintenance. What is considered a change? A change is considered as multiple corrections done in one go. This simply means that changing 1 item and then changing another 1 item is 2 changes, but you can request to change the logo size, add a picture or two, change the frame colour, or change the menu colour all in one go, this is considered to be 1 change. All website changes must be requested through the client area.

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All new customers who sign up via our website will receive a free “. co. za” domain extension (only one domain per registration). A domain is valid for one year, and the client will be automatically billed for its renewal. Failure to pay the annual renewal fee will result in the domain entering a grace period, which incurs additional renewal fees. These fees are implemented by the domain authority and are outside of Spitfirewebsites.com’s control. Continued failure to pay the domain renewal fee will result in the domain becoming available for purchase by anyone. Spitfirewebsites.com and its partners cannot be held liable for failed domain renewals if the client’s failure to pay is the underlying cause. If a client’s account is delinquent for three months, Spitfirewebsites.com will remove all services from their servers and will not renew the domain. In this instance, neither Spitfirewebsites.com nor its partners can be held liable for the loss of emails, domains, or websites. If a client cancels their contract or chooses not to renew it Spitfirewebsites.com is not responsible nor can it be held accountable in any shape or form for any data loss incurred during the transfer process. Please note that this rule is also enforced with all of our website subscriptions as they include a domain. Failure to pay the annual renewal fee can lead to damages and data loss. Spitfirewesbites.com will not be held liable in any shape or form for any losses of any kind.

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